Welcome Nail Polish Swatchers and Bloggers!

Lady V Lacquer is currently seeking creative and passionate swatchers to work with on our current and upcoming campaigns.

What we are looking for:
Beautiful, crisp swatch photos with good lighting and accurate color representation. Clean application is a must. We prefer swatches that focus on the polish and feature close ups of the nails and bottle. Creative nail art on accent nails is accepted.

Swatchers must have an active presence on one or more social media platforms and a good turn around time once products are received.

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that you will will be selected, receive promotional samples or discount codes for swatching. Please also note that if you are chosen to swatch for Lady V Lacquer, by filling out this form you have given permission to Lady V Lacquer LLC to use your images and reviews of the products you receive with credit to you. Your images and reviews may be used for product listings, advertising, social media posts etc.

Due to the high volume of applicants your information may be saved for future campaigns. 

If you are interested in blogging and/or swatching for us, please fill out the application below.
(This application is not accessible through a mobile device)

Thank you for your interest!